Packaging Materials Manufacturer – Client Experience with info:HR HRIS

info:HR has always been a popular HR Information System with manufacturing and distribution companies of all sizes.  One such company is an industry leader in the fabrication and distribution of protective packaging materials, custom designed products and corrugated boxes of all sizes and grades. Although having started small, the company now operates various facilities totaling over one third of a million square feet and services over a thousand clients throughout Canada and the mid-northern United States. The company is ISO [...]

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County of Lanark – Client Experience with info:HR HRIS

Until 2009, the County of Lanark used an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to support both payroll and Human Resource activities. The ERP system allowed County staff to realize the efficiency and accuracy benefits of capturing similar information once for both the payroll section and the HR department. However, the human resource module of the ERP system did not meet the needs of the County’s Human Resources department nor did it address the Human Resource requirements of the managers [...]

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Friesens Corporation – Client Experience with info:HR HRIS

The success of Friesens Corporation can be attributed in equal measures to people and technology. Friesens manufactures and ships full-colour hard- and soft-cover books for publishers all across North America; implementing the right business applications—for printing, shipping and warehousing—in the ever-changing book publishing world is important. But it’s the people who make things happen. At Friesens, the staff owns the company. With over 600 skilled employees at multiple locations, the techno-savvy Friesens managers know that implementing the right Human Resources management software is equally important.  [...]

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Town of LaSalle – Client Experience with info:HR HRIS

The offices of the Town of LaSalle, located on the outskirts of Windsor, Ontario, have gone through some significant changes to update and prepare for the expanded growth expected in the region. The administrative office was relocated temporarily while their old Town Hall was being reconstructed, with a new Town Hall completed in the Spring of 2014. In the midst of their movement and growth, the Town also reassessed their current software requirements, specifically the finance system, with a clear focus on functionality and [...]

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Oshawa Community Health Centre – Client Experience with info:HR HRIS

The Oshawa Community Health Centre (OCHC) is a community-owned, non-profit, charitable organization. Founded by volunteers in 1982, Oshawa Community Health Centre works with residents to build a strong and healthy community by delivering a variety of crucial services, including family medicine, social work and counselling, health promotion, and community development groups with a focus on children, youth and women. As part of a Strategic Plan developed in 2007, OCHC identified several strategic intentions that would help them reach their goal [...]

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Goodmans LLP – Client Experience with info:HR HRIS

Goodmans LLP is recognised internationally as one of Canada’s premier transaction law firms.  Founded in 1917, Goodmans has offices in Toronto and Vancouver with over 250 lawyers. As a full service law firm and a member of The World Law Group, Goodmans has the ability to provide clients with a wide range of services both nationally and internationally.  The firm acts for Canada's largest corporations, financial institutions and multinationals, and was recognized two years in a row as the National [...]

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