Woodbridge Foam

September 19, 2016

Woodbridge Foam and The Woodbridge Group offer innovative foam technologies, to supply several business sectors around the globe. Since its inception in 1978, the company has grown to over 4,000 employees with more than 60 facilities throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Since 1999, Woodbridge has relied on info:HR to manage crucial Human Resources functions at every Woodbridge site worldwide.

Data capture of employee information in the form of swipe cards, proximity and biometric recognition systems is a growing issue for human resources departments. Human resources and payroll administrators must generate timely pay for employees, respect contractual obligations, and adhere to tax laws. Corporate-office administrators of large companies like Woodbridge also face problems when verifying employee information with busy plant supervisors who may be unavailable at payroll or reporting time.

Woodbridge needed a solution to accurately track, coordinate and report on employee activities.


Woodbridge integrated Employee Tracker PLUS, from Advanced Tracker Technologies, into info:HR providing cost savings, improved productivity and additional features at Woodbridge Foam.

“Cost savings, obviously, was a big concern,” said Woodbridge’s Senior HRIS Specialist Margaret Zyma. “…The fact that Advanced Tracker could integrate with info:HR instead of requiring an additional interface makes things so much easier for the end user.”

The new swipe card-based system effectively puts employee management in the hands of Woodbridge’s supervisors. By investing a few minutes daily in system maintenance – logging in and entering reason codes for absences or making adjustments depending on information gathered from employee swipe cards – supervisors reap rewards in both payday time savings and stress reduction. Employee time and absence information is already coded and approved, avoiding last minute payroll documentation headaches like missing doctors’ notes.

Those aren’t the only benefits. The new integrated system uses single source data entry – the information generated by the Advanced Tracker system — verified and maintained by the supervisors — flows both to Payroll and to info:HR. This allows corporate human resources to generate timely and accurate reporting.

“There are efficiencies both on the supervisor and the administrator side,” Ms. Zyma points out. “The biggest change brought about by info:HR is the time savings gained from not having to re-key things like Absences, Vacation Entitlements and Scheduling,” Ms. Zyma points out. “We used to make sure that absence information was correct in our time keeping system and then re-enter that information again into info:HR. Now, we just load an info:HR Import File after each payroll.

Another advantage has been the streamlining of corporate functions through increased standardization. Says Ms. Zyma: “The more we automate the more we realize we need to standardize, to put systems and processes in place that reduce variation between sites. One of the biggest impacts of the new system is that we can move human resources staff from site to site to assist when there is turn-over; we couldn’t do that before, because things were done differently at each site. These types of benefits allow everyone to spend more time on human resources tasks and less on administration.”

“[Woodbridge has saved] literally hundreds of hours each year,” says Ms. Zyma. “It would probably be an average of six hours, per plant, per month. That’s a lot of hours!”