“You have been the most wonderful consultants I have worked with and THANK YOU for everything you have done to assist us with this implementation.”

Eranga Peduruarachchi
Manager, Human Resources


Cost Effective Easy To Use

“With limited resources available to our [Family Health Team] we were looking for a solution to better manage our HR needs that was not only cost effective but easy to use. This is why we chose HR Systems Strategies.”

Michelle Karker
Executive Director
East Wellington Family Health Team


Save Time

“The biggest change brought about by info:HR is the time savings gained from not having to re-key things like Absences, Vacation Entitlements and Scheduling”

Margaret Zyma
Senior HRIS Specialist
Woodbridge Corporation


Accessibility, Accuracy, and the Timely Access to Information

“The top reason for choosing info:HR over the two other contenders? Accessibility, accuracy, and the timely access to information”

Charles Abayomi
Director, Finance & Administration
Macaulay CDC


Staff Went Beyond Reasonable Expectations

“The flexibility of the system allowed us to implement our first Human Resources Management System in a very efficient and cost effective manner. When we installed info:HR, their staff went beyond any reasonable expectations for training and customer service.”

Hospitality Industry Leader


Give Back Control

“info:HR helps give back to staff control over their use of company resources. It is an investment that we should have made some time ago.”

Social Services Agency


One Of Our Best Decisions

“The combination of ease of use and excellent reports make data entry and information access quite a simple process. From the Standpoint of HR, the acquisition of info:HR was one of our best decisions”

Automotive Parts Manufacturer



“We found info:HR to be indispensable [for the] information it provided during our recent organizational restructuring.”

Municipal Government


Saves Us Over 1,500 Hours

“info:HR saves us over 1,500 hours each year.”

Margaret Zyma
Senior HRIS Specialist
Woodbridge Corporation

Very Responsive

“HR Systems Strategies support staff have been very responsive and the customer services, excellent.”

Olga Radovanovich
Director, Human Resources and Administration
Red Door Family Shelter


 Working With Them Has Been a Pleasure!

“I am really pleased with the way the project management has proceeded. info:HR Support staff have been diligent about understanding our business logic and requirements, and responsive in communications and in resolving issues. Working with them has been a pleasure!”

Trish Rempel
Software Developer
Friesens Corporation


It’s All Automated

“Before the info:HR customization, supervisors had to make a note to themselves to check each employee’s records to see if the previous week’s time sheet was in. Now, thanks to [HRSS], it’s all automated. E-mails land in each supervisor’s mailbox telling them whose time sheets are missing. The supervisor can quickly follow up with each employee to resolve it.”

Mark Galli
Manager, IT Services
Hamilton Catholic Children’s Aid Society


Wonderful, Friendly, Helpful Staff

“info:HR works for us because staff only enter exceptions and the system is not time sensitive, i.e. you can go back in the system and change a holiday booked but not taken or taken but not booked!  There is a history of every entry so an employee or supervisor can audit changes to their records at any time.  Managers can also have access to any or all of their staff. Employees can see their approvals on line and also receive an e-mail approving or rejecting requests.

It is a system where you can put in the basics and continue to build.  Although service people are available to help if problems arise, the system can be operated fully from inside.  A big selling point because you are not reliant on outside help to move forward.

Wonderful, friendly, helpful staff who want you to succeed!”

Linda Andrews
Manager, Human Resources (ret’d)
United Way Lower Mainland

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