XCG Consultants

December 19, 2018

XCG was founded In 1990 with a staff of three operating from a single office. Today, the company employs over 90 professionals in 6 xcg-logooffices across Canada and the United States. This growth in numbers reflects expansion in the range and scope of the services they offer. Originally focused on environmental services and water and wastewater treatment, XCG continues to build expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

“With the expansion in our business over the past number of years, it was high time to look at HRIS solutions,” said Marilyn Crawford, Human Resources Manager. XCG had been using spread sheets and paper files to maintain Human Resource information, which had become cumbersome and time consuming. “In this age of instant information, trying to draw from four places was no longer feasible,” she added.

Through an RFP process and recommendations from another engineering firm, HR Systems Strategies (HRSS) was invited to submit a proposal and demonstrate its products. Marilyn reviewed all the proposals and info:HR from HRSS was her top choice. info:HR was purchased and the implementation was on! Marilyn shared that “it was a huge relief to get the system installed and have all the information in one place. It would be difficult to explain how I managed before.”

Knowing the skills and competencies of XCG’s employees is vital when responding to client requests and maintaining their superior service. “We are required to respond to RFP’s and info:HR allows me to do that in a timely manner with the appropriate information, enabling our team to make the best decisions for our clients and our organization.”

info:HR will be interfaced with the account project management software XCG is using, enabling the seamless transfer of employee data between the two systems. Information will flow more smoothly throughout the organization, thus bringing an end to duplication. “By utilizing the HRSS Employee Self Service Module, our employees will be able to make vacation requests online and have control over their own information, ensuring data accuracy. We will effectively be able to rid our organization of paper waste for employee information changes and time-off requests,” Marilyn continued. “Our younger staff members want to see career paths mapped out for them. With this system we can provide that for them and be able to track their individual training plans.”

Marilyn continued, “Providing the management team with more visibility of employee information and performance management allows them the opportunity to manage their teams more effectively. Our managers will be able to have the information they require at their fingertips.”

Marilyn has been eager to populate info:HR with as much information as possible. Being an international consulting engineering firm, it is critical to stay on top of training and recertification requirements. “I have downloaded the manuals and I am making plans for our future. With the new automated email sending function for task reminders, that alone will free up so much of my time. It was overwhelming staying on top of it in the past.”

XCG’s success is a direct result of its employees: past, present, and future. The collective impact of leadership by Senior Executives and Business Group Leaders across XCG has contributed to their reputation in the industry today. Solutions such as info:HR are assisting them in continuing to achieve their business goals by automating previously manual processes and providing more timely access to personnel information.

XCG Consultants Ltd. has completed a wide range of environmental engineering projects for a diverse group of clients from six offices across Canada and the United States. XCG is an established firm built on a solid foundation of senior engineering professionals who offer clients a comprehensive range of land, water and civil consulting services. XCG offers comprehensive services in water and wastewater treatment, infrastructure management, water resources, site assessment and remediation, risk assessment, solid waste, and training and operations.