Vacation Tracking

Tracking Vacation Entitlements

Proper vacation tracking is an important and necessary function for most organizations.

Unless you pay out vacation time, as is often done for part-time / seasonal / casual staff, employees will earn (accrue) vacation time over the course of the year. 

Different groups of employees may accrue different amounts of vacation over the same period of time:  typically, the longer the length of service, the more vacation an employee accrues; also, each collective agreement in a unionized environment may specify its own special accrual rules; finally, there may be different accrual rules for different levels of seniority (e.g. senior managers may accrue more vacation time than junior managers and staff).

As a result, accurate vacation tracking requires detailed record keeping.

Vacation Tracking

Attached are a few tips for getting started with vacation tracking in your organization.

Identify your rules for earning vacation time. Gather up your rules and the employee groups they apply to.  It may be as few as one, or as many as a half a dozen or more.   These can be entered into the HRIS, so that the system can automatically apply them as time goes by to each of the employees in the various groups.

What if there isn’t a rule?  Some employees may fall outside all the rules.  No problem, go to that employee’s vacation bank in the HRIS and manually enter this year’s allotment.

Tracking Accrued Vacation Time

This is entirely automatic for each employee that falls under one of the rules above.  As time goes by, their vacation banks in the HRIS grow.

Tracking Taken Vacation Time

When an employee takes vacation time, this would be recorded as an absence for vacation purposes in the attendance management section of the HRIS.  This would automatically reduce the vacation bank by the corresponding number of hours/days.  No manual adjustment of the vacation bank is necessary – it’s all automated.  And, with an online vacation approval module or import of attendance data from a time capture system, the creation of the absence records in the attendance management system is automatic, too.

Vacation Tracking Benefits

Some benefits of tracking vacation entitlements in an HRIS include:

  • It’s 100% automatic – after the necessary set-up
  • It’s 100% accurate – the HRIS knows via the rules and the attendance records what the balance should be
  • It’s 100% current – as of the last online approval, or attendance data import from the time capture system if you are using one; no need to wait to reconcile emails, memos, phone messages, post-it notes, or monthly spreadsheets
  • Full built-in reporting and analysis capability – for costs, trends, liabilities