Meet the Team

Andy Staniewski, President

Andy has over twenty five years experience directing software technology firms to record performances. As president of HRSS, Andy applies his experience managing company operations to oversee finance, sales, marketing, technical, customer support, and product development. Andy’s industry experience is invaluable in supporting business partnerships, both new and established, and his passion for customer service is contributing to strengthening existing client relationships.

Jerry Rowland, Chief Technology Officer

Jerry started working in IT 35 years ago, programming mainframe systems using Cobol. Jerry designed and programmed the earliest versions of info:HR, and today remains responsible for technical direction at HR Systems Strategies Inc. Jerry manages our team of technical staff through the ongoing development cycle of info:HR, including conceptual specifications, development of detailed user requirements, preparation of technical specifications, technical documentation, programming and testing. Jerry installs and supports info:HR at customer sites in all industries across North America.

Bill Kennedy, VP Sales

Bill brings to HR Systems Strategies a successful track record of over 25 years of pre-sales, sales and sales management positions with several North American high tech software/services firms. Bill is responsible for bringing the HRSS message to new organizations and new markets across Canada.

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