Top Ten Questions

Top ten questions to ask a potential HRIS provider

1. How does your software enable access to information for employees and managers?

info:HR delivers accurate and timely information. Tasks are accomplished with action items and integrated alerts integrated. Users can access necessary information easily on screens like our employee position history view which presents key info on one screen. info:HR also supplies useful information with rich reports like our “Total Cost of Employment” calculation (finance will love this one!) and gap analysis, “what’s missing”, and skills gaps features.

2. How does your software automate my daily human resources tasks?

A. info:HR automates a broad range of HR tasks – from the simple to the complex. We: distribute cost allocations with our G/L Distribution feature which splits employee costs across multiple G/L accounts. Define your standard hiring checklist with the new hire procedure and the flags features (i.e. police checks, drug tests, confidentiality agreements). Attach external files into the right places in each employee’s online personnel file (i.e. performance reviews, resumes, offer letters, and education certificates). Define required courses to every position. Manage entitlement banks with our complete yet straight forward approach which includes web-based employee self service capabilities.

3. How will your software save me time?

info:HR saves you time by optimizing processes and reducing errors by automating repetitive tasks. info:HR allows you to stay on top of actions with alerts integrated throughout; stay informed with automatic emails; reduce re-keying information with smart database; define corporate standards for entitlements, positions, training and others. We also save time with our strong mass update capabilities (i.e. cost of living increases, salary grid step changes, multiple course attendees).

4. How easy will it be to integrate the HRIS into my organization?

We simplify integration into your organization with easy to use interfaces, even for non-HR Professionals. We…

  • Start quickly with the easy to learn, intuitive, short learning curve.
  • Know what to do next all the time with strong actions items and alerts integrated throughout.
  • Know what is left to do with the “what’s missing” feature.
  • Get to information quickly with our easy view of information, like our employee position history.
5. Is this a one-size-fits-all solution, or will you be able to accommodate the unique needs of my organization?

We take over 20 years of experience and make implementation & support easy. We…

  • Automate processes unique to your organization and industry.
  • Configure throughout (modify your screens with our “Label Master”).
6. Can you improve employee satisfaction? How?

We provide a strong online employee / manager self service. We…

  • Provide online access by employees to entire attendance & entitlement history.
  • Empower employees to easily update their demographic and other selected information.
7. Will you act as a trusted partner? How?

Are others capable of developing a trusting partnership? Our clients say they…

  • Enjoy responsive customer service from HRSS staff (it has our complete attention).
  • Have confidence & respect for HRSS management & support team.
  • Select HRSS because our HR system is developed by us and because we only do HR Software – it’s our sole focus.
8. Will you offer training and post-sale support?
9. Do you have a hosting solution?
10. Do you understand my business?

Ask us anything about HR software.

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