HR Reporting

HR Reporting

Make the right information available to the right people at the right time with info:HR’s powerful HR Reporting tools.

HR Reporting is absolutely critical for most organizations.

  • Manage your HR reporting responsibilities effectively with the best information.
  • infor:HR generates over 200 predefined HR reports across every category.
  • Customize your information using the source to all HR reports.
  • Build your own HR reports.
  • Query the Database directly.
  • The HR Director at The County of Wellington uses over 100 reports. “It’s the best part of info:HR… particularly the attendance management and continuing education reports. We love info:HR‘s capabilities.”
  • Generate reports useful to HR and to other corporate departments. As a result, finance will love the “Cost of Employment” calculation which includes benefits, liabilities, entitlements, continuing education.
  • Enable managers to access reports and analytics for their teams through our security access features.

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