Attendance and Time Off Tracking

Attendance and Time Off Tracking

Automating basic HR administrative tasks is the primary reason to use info:HR

Our strong attendance and time-off tracking capabilities impact HR activities daily.

  • Use our info:HR human resource software to manage attendance, time-off entitlements, time and attendance tracking, and compensatory time with full history and easy to see information on one screen.
  • Focus HR practitioners on important activities by using our human resource software to deliver information over the web, thus reducing inbound calls from employees (for example, asking about vacation entitlements).
  • Analyze absenteeism.
  • Map easily to policies and collective agreements.
  • Support for an unlimited number of policies and agreements.

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Do you have questions about Attendance and Time Off Record Keeping? Not sure where to start? Drop us a line. We are always happy to chat!

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