wfcu-175x62Toronto ON, April 23, 2018 – The experts at Windsor-based financial services provider WFCU Credit Union know that sound investment strategies take careful planning. It just made sense to apply the same logic to their employee information system. With a combination of careful planning and strong training, the dedicated human resources team at WFCU Credit Union were able to complete a transformative software implementation in just two weeks.

A thoughtful approach to training was one driver of project success. After one week of formal training, VP Human Resources Sheila Geddes and HR Coordinator Celesta Gaba opted to train other team members themselves, leaving the pair free to familiarize themselves with info:HR and the requirements of the system.

“We cleared our schedules so we could focus solely on the implementation process,” said Celesta. “And I feel very confident with the system, it is very intuitive and easy to use. The layout of the system, coupled with the manuals provided online, are logical and very simple to follow.”

WFCU Credit Union asked for two customizations to info:HR. The first was a feature unique to the organization: identifying the executive team and employees as separate groups, which enables department security to show employees by level and meeting the organization’s requirement to handle  confidential executive information separately.

The second was an enhancement to allow the recording of multiple charges on info:HR’s “Dollar Entitlements” screen so employees can view their dollar entitlements in the Employee Self-Service module. WFCU Credit Union’s benefits are managed as banks for each employee, and info:HR’s “Dollar Entitlement” screen will manage these banks. This customization means employees have a single source for their personal data; they are now able to log in to ESS to see the usage of their personal benefits through this enhancement.

“In the past employees would call HR to check to see what the remaining funds in their entitlement were or to find out when their entitlement renewed,” said Celesta. “Now employees are able to log in and see for themselves what they have left. HR is no longer the gatekeeper for the information, which allows us to focus on other tasks.”

Pre-implementation, WFCU Credit Union’s employee information was stored and maintained in multiple Excel spreadsheets, and reporting was resource-heavy and inefficient.

“Now we can pull reports on benefits used, enabling us to reconcile our benefits and report to management on usage of benefits,” said Celesta. “We also appreciate how much cleaner the tracking is for us now; we were entering all of the information on Excel spreadsheets previously and verifying usage of various benefits was time consuming.”

For now, the HR team is enjoying the fruits of their investment in info:HR. Future plans include tapping into the info:HR-generated database to create real-time updates to the searchable employee directory, and to streamline onboarding of new hires by connecting to the database to automatically generate system user IDs, telephone extensions, and email setup.

WFCU Credit Union has long been recognized as one of the leading progressive financial organizations in the City of Windsor and Essex County. Serving Windsor and surrounding communities for over 75 years, WFCU Credit Union began in 1941 with assets of less than $10,000 and now has $2.9 Billion in Managed Assets and Member Service Totals of $4.0 Billion. WFCU Credit Union is the sixth largest credit union in Ontario operating nine retail locations and serving 37,085 members including 33,195 Personal members in 17,330 households, 2,390 Businesses and 1,500 Organizations. WFCU Credit Union membership is open to anyone who lives and/or works in Ontario. With a long-standing mission to ‘provide services and a full range of highest quality financial products to make our community the best place to live and work’, WFCU Credit Union stands true to its vision ‘WFCU Credit Union – Quality, Convenience, Innovation, Open to Everyone and Yours to Own’.