Harrow FHT Saves Time and Streamlines HR Processes Using Solutions from HR Systems Strategies Inc.

July 25, 2019

A Family Health Team (FHT) is a group of health care providers working together to give its community the best care possible. FHTs combine the expertise and services of different providers in order to meet the health care needs of residents. They are locally-driven organizations whose primary focus is to deliver improved access to primary health care services in Ontario. Harrow Health Centre Inc.: A Family Health Team (Harrow FHT) is located in Essex County, Ontario, along the scenic shores of Lake Erie.

“Prior to purchasing ESS, Timesheets and info:HR, everything was on Excel spreadsheets and paper-based,” said Margo Reilly, Executive Director at Harrow FHT, said. “Managing spreadsheets and changes in staff entitlements and vacations was a nightmare. It was very time consuming and we noticed a lot of data entry issues.

Harrow FHT looked at three or four different systems prior to making the decision to go with info:HR.  Says Margo: “I was looking for a system that would manage our entitlements and allow some interaction with employees so it wasn’t so administration heavy. We wanted some accountability to be put back on the staff to manage that time.”

Margo cited three key reasons for choosing info:HR:

  1. The ability for employees to have some control over managing their time entitlements. They are now able to look at what they have available for the year, so they can self-manage their time off.
  2. The reporting is fantastic. A summary of hours worked and time-off taken can be easily pulled.  We generate this for each pay period and provided it to our accountant. It is also useful at audit time.
  3. I can see how much vacation time is yet to be booked. The ability to easily track booked vacation time gives me the opportunity to have conversations with employees about planning their time off.

So far, Harrow FHT is realizing the most benefit from info:HR entitlements, timesheets and reports.

“Our main focus was the entitlements piece,” said Margo. “I know there are many other areas in the system we can utilize and we will, but it takes time. We look forward to using the continuing education component in the future. We wanted to implement the system in a very methodical way and in steps so we didn’t lose any important data.”

The team loves the system.

“I have only heard good things,” said Margo. “Employees like the transparency of being able to view and manage their entitlements. Plus, when Bill 148 was implemented, we had to write in hours worked for shifts. The Comments sections allowed us to manage the ESA changes and legislation that impacted our workforce.”

Andy Staniewski, President of HR Systems Strategies Inc. (HRSS) said: “We are thrilled to have Harrow FHT as a client and to see they are doing so well with our solutions. They are doing great work in their community and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come.”

Regarding the support and vendor relationship with HRSS, Margo shared: “Our primary client support representative, Barbara Chicago, has been great. Whenever we have questions, we get an answer very quickly. We can’t say enough about the customer service and support desk. Overall, we are very pleased. We have now freed up valuable administrative time that allows us to concentrate on other important tasks.”

HR Systems Strategies Inc. develops, implements, and maintains info:HR, a robust, adaptable Human Resources Information System (HRIS) built for today’s human capital resource management challenges. info:HR interfaces with existing payroll and time and attendance systems, and offers employee and manager self-serve and online timesheet entry capabilities. Small- and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit associations, municipal governments, healthcare organizations, and others across Canada are reducing the cost and effort of HR administration with info:HR.

For more information, please contact Bill Kennedy at 416-599-4747.