One Care Home Automates HR Processes to Save Time

September 23, 2019

One Care implements info:HR, Applicant Tracking, Employee/Manager Self-Serve and Online Timesheets to have easy access to important employee data.

Stratford Ontario, August 26, 2019 – ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services is a community-based, charitable, not-for-profit health organization providing services in Huron and Perth Counties to support and strengthen the health, independence and quality of life for individuals and their families. The agency was formed in 2011 when three long standing Huron and Perth organizations came together as ONE CARE. They assist older adults and people with health challenges to live at home within a network of support and in a caring community.

One Care has approximately 275 employees, 4 of whom manage various aspects of info:HR. As a community-based organization they also have a large number of volunteers, now at approximately 900 and growing. Typical of many organizations, they were using Excel spreadsheets to manage HR information along with a learning management system through Access 24×7 and a payroll system.

When asked what challenges they were facing that lead them to purchase a HRIS, Mary Beth Alexander, who is the HR Manager and has been with the organization for over 2.5 years said, ”Our biggest challenge was not having the data readily available to inform key HR decisions. Because we are a small HR department, we needed a system to assist both HR and the operational leadership to improve our productivity. Prior to the implementation we did not have the ability to collect and analyze pertinent employee related data within a short period of time. Our organization has many complexities with Ministry of Health reporting and we needed a solution that would manage HR tasks effectively.”

ONE CARE is currently using info:HR as the system of record for all HR data input. They completed a successful training interface that links the employee training course completion with info:HR. They purchased additional modules including Applicant Tracking, Employee/Manager Self- Serve (ESS) and Online Timesheets.  They also saw the potential to use info:HR to manage their large number of volunteers and had a customized solution built that will be launched by the end of this year. The biggest advantage they have realized with these solutions is the reporting functionality. Basically, any HR data they need is now at their fingertips in real time.

ONE CARE just celebrated their two-year anniversary using info:HR.  When asked what benefits they are seeing, Mary Beth said, ”We are experiencing many anticipated benefits with the implementation of info:HR. The first and perhaps most important is the reduction in paperwork and completion of manual Excel spreadsheets, which has resulted in significant productivity gains. The enhanced reporting functionality and integration of data has made it much easier to track key HR measures including turnover, training completion, time to fill vacancies, etc. The automation has expedited many of our recurring tasks.  Recruitment management through the Applicant Tracking module has been another benefit and we continue to enhance that with functionality with linkages to recruitment sites including hosting of company- and specific employee-related documents, including performance appraisals and health and safety documentation, are easily housed and accessible in one place. We are preparing for launch of ESS in the future and that will result in great time savings for our HR department.

 Applicant Tracking has been launched externally and candidates find ease in the solution. We are most excited about the flow through from application to hire and seamless transition into info:HR. With respect to ESS we have completed much of the backend HR work required to launch and hope to roll that out in the near future.”

Looking ahead Mary Beth commented, “We are exploring payroll options to interface with info:HR, which will be a great addition for future. The Team at info:HR have been extremely helpful in recommending systems that have been proven to interface successfully in the past. Our time and attendance reporting is complex and we are working in a thoughtful way to manage that part of the implementation.”

“HRSS has been a great organization to work from day one. The whole team is fantastic and provides support in so many different capacities that go above and beyond what other suppliers offer. From integration support, training, purchase of additional modules, working with our LMS provider, ongoing technical support, it is all positive. One of the reasons we chose info:HR was the fact that it is a Canadian based (Ontario) operation with ties to our local community. That was a big differentiator for us and it has worked out extremely well.”

Andy Staniewski, President of HR Systems Strategies Inc. commented, “We are thrilled to have ONE CARE as a client of ours.  They are doing wonderful work for the families and residents in their communities.  It is exciting to see how far they have come with our solutions in two years and yet there is still more potential to realize.  That is a credit to Mary Beth and her HR team.  We look forward to supporting them for many years to come.”

HR Systems Strategies Inc.(HRSS) develops, implements, and maintains info:HR, a robust, general-purpose Human Resources Information System (HRIS).  info:HR provides clients at over 250 organizations worldwide with user-friendly, robust and adaptable software solutions for today’s human capital resource management challenges.

The core info:HR HRIS software system integrates with web modules to provide employee/manager self-serve and online timesheet entry capabilities.  The software also interfaces with other operational systems such as payroll and time and attendance.  info:HR is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and adaptableHRIS softwaresolution for today’s human capital resource management challenges.  HRSS clients range from under 50 to over 10,000 employees in single and multiple locations across North America and around the world.

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