Wikwemikong Health Centre

August 19, 2017

The Wikwemikong Health Centre, established in 1988, provides traditional and western family medical care and wikylogocommunity-based health programs in both the Native language and English.

To date, the Centre has been using a combination of paper files and Excel spreadsheets to store and track employee information. “This has presented significant challenges for accurately reporting absences,” remarked Melissa Roy, Wikwemikong Health Centre.

Presently, the Centre uses paper timesheets to track employee hours worked as well as absences for its 100 employees. “Trying to produce a report of time that people have taken off takes so long, I cannot wait till this system is fully implemented, so when I want to know how many days an employee has been away I can have the answer instantly,” explained Melissa. “Now I have to sift through timesheets, create a spreadsheet and manually calculate all of the time off. Sometimes it could take more than a day to ensure an accurate report for one employee.”

The ESS and Timesheets modules work in conjunction with info:HR to provide a full circle attendance tracking system. ESS provides the facility to request time off in advance, Timesheets records time worked in a pay period and info:HR provides a large number of reporting options. “The accountability this system creates is super and the reporting function, I can find out what I need with a few clicks. This is going to be incredible,” said Melissa.

Wikwemikong is currently seeking accreditation with the Ontario Ministry of Health. “This system is going to allow us to accurately generate reports we need so quickly,” Melissa added.

Andy Staniewski, President of HR Systems Strategies, noted, “We are pleased to welcome Wikwemikong to our info:HR client base. Wikwemikong provides essential services to community members. We are thrilled to provide them with tools and support they require to improve their HR processes and achieve their accreditation goals.”

Wikwemikong Health Centre, located on Manitoulin Island (Ontario), opened its doors to the community in July of 1988 to provide family medical care and community-based health programs. All services provided at the Health Centre are in both the Native language and English to serve all members of the community. The Centre’s mission is to provide access of all opportunities of traditional and western health care to the community.