February 19, 2015

Friesens Corporation, founded in 1907 and now an independent company employing over 600, manufactures and ships full-colour hard- and softcover books for publishers all across North America.


Each of Friesens’ 600 employees have a number of specialized training requirements. Based on business needs, an employee may be scheduled to run different machines at different times. This multi-tasking makes up to date training—and tracking that training—essential. The complex environment is such that the Human Resources department needs to monitor employees and their different functions as well as training completed, training required and cross-training.


Friesens first adopted info:HR in 1999. They recently deduced that their unique training requirements could be met by extending the functionality provided in the info:HR Training and Continuing Education Module.

HR Systems Strategies Developers wrote a custom enhancement to this module.

“What this demonstrates is how easy it is to add functionality and modules to the base info:HR software. And this isn’t the first time we have performed custom programming and extensions to info:HR,” says Hemu Mistry, HRSS Manager of Appliation Development and Support. “This is a consulting service we offer to all of our clients. Sometimes it’s just a case of the customer defining a need. Then we can step in and fill it by extending info:HR capabilities.”

“I am really pleased with the way the project management has proceeded,” said Trish Rempel, software developer at Friesens. “info:HR Support staff have been diligent about understanding our business logic and requirements, and responsive in communications and in resolving issues. Working with them has been a pleasure!”