Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton

February 19, 2019

The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton is dedicated to the delivery of quality child welfare services rooted in Catholic values.


CCAS Hamilton has been using info:HR for over 10 years. During that time, they have requested a number of customizations to meet their internal policies and procedures.

Recently, they wanted to add the ability to inform all their supervisors regularly of all employees with unapproved timesheets outstanding.


HRSS regularly provide customizations to their clients to help them meet their internal policies and procedures.

In this case, HRSS enhanced the  Employee Self Serve / Time Sheet Entries module to generate emails that would automatically go out weekly to all supervisors with employees who had unapproved time sheets outstanding.

Mark Galli, CCAS Manager IT Services, explains:

“Time sheets are due in for approval each Monday at 10AM. Before the info:HR customization, supervisors had to make a note to themselves to check each employee’s records to see if the previous week’s time sheet was in. Now, thanks to the customization work we had done, it’s all automated. An e-mail lands in each supervisor’s mailbox telling them whose time sheets are missing. The supervisor can quickly follow up with each employee to resolve it.”