Phoenix Centre for Children and Families automates to save valuable time

January 19, 2017

The Phoenix Centre’s mission is clear: to empower children, families and communities, and enrich their lives through the provision of enhanced  client-centered mental health services that are effective, inclusive, and  accessible.

Phoenix Centre is a small organization, which gives all the more reason for HR to be very efficient.  Charlene Chaput, Manager of Administration Services, summarized the situation in a nutshell, “We are a lean operation and it’s imperative that we maximize our time by automating our HR processes and utilizing the best available tools, methods, and software systems.”

Burdened by a complex system of time-off entitlement banks for employees, Charlene knew that manual, error-prone approaches such as Excel spreadsheets and “paper” approvals for time off were just not going to work.

Thankfully, Charlene was contacted by HRSS and never looked back.“We had looked at and trialed other software systems, but they did not have all of the modules that HRSS was offering and were not terribly user friendly. I had also heard of info:HR from another agency in our industry.”

After the purchase decision was made of info:HR (base HRIS system) and ESS (Employee/Manager Self Service), training began and the Phoenix Centre was off and running.Charlene was very pleased with the speed with which they were able to get going. “The implementation process for us was virtually painless. We began training and in a matter of weeks we were able to launch ESS to our employees, allowing them to have more visibility of their entitlements, giving HR the ability to better track time off and leaves. We were also able to put a real cost to our leaves, which was a bonus.”

Looking ahead Charlene commented, “We anticipate that employees will continue to grow and become more and more familiar with the capabilities of info:HR and ESS, and as a result we’ll be able to truly experience the time savings for our HR department.Add to that, there are the benefits of having a database of standard reports we can access to capture valuable data.”

Andy Staniewski, President of HR Systems Strategies, enthusiastically stated, “We are thrilled to count the Phoenix Centre as a client of ours.  They are doing valuable work for their communities and it is a joy for our team to support them.  We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with them.”

The Phoenix Centre, established in 1978, offers a warm, safe place to all the children and families of Renfrew County. Their main office is located in Pembroke with satellite offices located throughout the County of Renfrew.  Services offered include group services, school-based programs, youth justice services, and family and child treatment.

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