Let’s Talk Science

February 19, 2017

Let’s Talk Science, headquartered in London, Ontario, is an award-winning, national, charitable organization focused on education and outreach to support youth development. They create and deliver uniqueprograms and services that engage children, youth and educators in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Through programs, resources and services, they inspire Canadian children and youth of all ages to fulfill their potential and prepare for future careers by supporting their learning and engagement through STEM. Let’s Talk Science has excited, inspired and engaged more than 3 million children, youth, educators and volunteers in STEM since its inception.lets-talk-science

In mid-2015 they upgraded from the Access version of info:HR to the SQL version to take advantage of the latest enhancements, adding Employee/Manager Self Serve and Applicant Tracking capabilities to complete their HRIS suite.

Let’s Talk Science became a client of HR Systems Strategies in 2004, using the core administrative module of info:HR. Anticipating growth in their requirements, Heather Small, HR & IS Coordinator, began investigating options to better track employee information.

“We had been using info:HR to store basic information. I had a wish list of what I wanted in a system and I was pleased to find that the SQL version of info:HR was able to accommodate our requirements. Our main goal was to have one system to store all of our information, while allowing our employees the ability to view specific aspects of their personnel files. The end goal was to streamline our process, eliminating email, phone calls and spreadsheets for day-to-day enquires. We have a computer savvy work force, who truly appreciates efficiency,” Heather explained.

Let’s Talk Science has doubled it work force over the past five years and is projected to increase it by 33% over the next two years. “With the growth we have experienced and the projected growth we wanted a system that could grow with us and was easy to implement and use,” Heather added. “HRSS is also a Canadian-based company that specializes in small- to medium-sized organizations and has a great service record. If we require on-site assistance I know we could have it. The software also matched our price point, which is always an important factor in the charitable sector.”

Heather continued, “Although we are still in the implementation phase we are looking forward to more accurate and timely reporting capabilities; employees will be able to log in and see the time-off entitlements they have available and make changes to their personal information. Our process will be more automated and there will be less room for human error. I am excited by what info:HR offers when we are in the process of recruiting for new hires, I will be able to run reports to determine candidate qualifications in a more efficient manner.”
When asked about the purchase cycle Heather said about the HRSS team, “As always our requests were met with prompt and thorough responses. Everyone was very patient with us and walked us though the process step by step, ensuring we received the information we required.”

All of us here at HRSS are pleased to see Let’s Talk Science upgrade to the latest version of info:HR and include additional modules that were not available to them when they first signed up with us. Our goal is to constantly add new functionality to help reduce the cost and effort of HR administration; now Let’s Talk Science will be able to take advantage of it.