Woolwich Community Health Centre realizes time and cost savings

March 19, 2017

Woolwich Community Health Centre is an accredited community health organization with three sites serving the rural Ontario townships of Woolwich, Wellesley, and Wilmot, and smalwchc logol areas of Perth County. Their rural, community-governed health centre provides culturally sensitive primary health care, illness prevention, and health promotion programs and services.

Prior to approaching HR Systems Strategies (HRSS), Woolwich CHC was using a paper-and spreadsheet-based system to manage employee data. “Our data was in many locations, making it very difficult to generate much-needed reporting,” explained Kate Calija, Finance Manager for both Woolwich CHC and Lang’s Farm Village Association, a sister CHC in Cambridge. “The critical challenges we faced were reconciling employee attendance, the risk of errors, and our HR processes were very time consuming.” Kate summarized her top priorities for bringing info:HR in: “We needed to feel confident in the accuracy of our administrative data, being able to generate useful reports in a timely manner, streamlining our HR processes, and getting rid of paper and spreadsheets.”

Woolwich was able to get up and running quickly with info:HR given that Kate had previous experience with the HRSS products. The benefits of implementing and using the HRIS suite of info:HR, ESS and Timesheets were quickly realized.

“We became much more efficient in just a few short months,” said Kate. “We are current and up to date with our entitlement tracking. Our staff members know exactly what their entitlements are and telephone calls have ceased. We have all our information in one location and reporting is no longer a dreaded task. We have what we need in a couple of mouse clicks. And I’m sure we’ve saved a few trees with the elimination of all the paper that used to flow through our office! The administrative time we are saving can now be spent on more value-added activities.”

“We are thrilled to have Woolwich Community Health Centre join the growing community of info:HR users. We were confident our products would address their needs, but just as satisfying is the good rapport and relationship our support staff have with the key users of our system. It’s a great partnership and we look forward to serving and growing with Woolwich CHC for many years to come,” added HRSS President Andy Staniewski.

Woolwich Community Health Centre was set up by a group of community residents concerned about health and wellness in St. Jacobs and surrounding communities. This group incorporated in 1985. In 1989, the health centre started receiving funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health to operate a facility in St. Jacobs. In 2005, a second health centre was opened in the village of Wellesley. The Nurse Practitioner office in Linwood opened in 2003 and is linked with the health centre in Wellesley.