United Way Lower Mainland

July 19, 2016

United Way of the Lower Mainland leads change throughout Metro Vancouver. No other organization has the same breadth, depth, reach and history of achieving a profound difference in the lives of others.


The United Way Lower Mainland wanted a simple, efficient, flexible, electronic method of tracking time for their employees’ vacation, sick days etc.  They have a Collective Agreement and their time off can be complicated. They tried a system attached to their payroll and found  it too rigid and not user friendly; staff hated using it.


They came across HRSS at an HRMA Conference and followed up cautiously because the frustration was fresh with their staff.  HRSS allowed them to test the system in two phases after which they were ready to go ahead. They implemented it department by department and by the end of August 2010, everyone was using it.

“HRSS works for us because staff only enter exceptions and the system is not time sensitive i.e. you can go back in the system and change a holiday booked but not taken or taken but not booked!” said Linda Andrews, Manager, Human Resources, United Way Lower Mainland.  “There is a history of every entry so an employee or supervisor can audit changes to their records at any time.  Managers can also have access to any or all of their staff. Employees can see their approval on line and also receive an e-mail approving or rejecting requests.”

“It is a system where you can put in the basics and continue to build.  Although service people are available to help if problems arise the system can be operated fully from inside.  A big selling point because you are not reliant on outside help to move forward.”

“Wonderful, friendly, helpful staff who want you to succeed!”